American International Biotechnology, LLC Introduces GynecoloGene; The World’s First Commercially-Available Metagenomics Next-Generation Sequencing Test for Women Suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Oct. 8, 2015 — Today, American International Biotechnology, LLC presented results from GynecoloGene, the world’s first commercially-available next-generation sequencing test for bacterial vaginosis at the XXI FIGO World Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

In a presentation entitled: “The Microbiome and Women’s Health”,” David G. Bostwick, MD, Chief Medical Officer, and William Budd, PhD, Director of Bioinformatics discussed GynecoloGene’s advances in application of molecular testing for bacterial vaginosis, enabling complete identification of all bacterial, fungal, and parasitic pathogens and normal commensals, as well as the absolute number and relative proportions of these organisms. The GynecoloGene test requires only a simple vaginal swab, and is run on the Thermo-Fisher Scientific Ion TorrentTM platform.

“We are excited to be presenting our clinically-important findings at the XXI FIGO World Congress,” said Dr. Bostwick. “Bacterial vaginosis afflicts more than ten million American women, and remains a perplexing illness owing to a recurrence rate of more than 50%. Our metagenomics test, validated over the past year in more than 1500 women, provides significant actionable information that assists physicians in managing this disease, and is especially important for those with recurrent vaginosis who have failed therapy. The promise of personalized medicine is now fulfilled.”

Joining Dr. Bostwick and Dr. Budd in the presentation were practicing obstetrician/gynecologists Drs. Daniel McDyer (Jacksonville, FL) and R. Lamar Parker (Winston-Salem, NC).

GynecoloGene’s New Antimicrobial Resistance Technology

GynecoloGene’s novel proprietary test also reveals numerous genes responsible for antimicrobial resistance, many of which can only be determined by such advanced methods. Action plans (including creation of specific laboratory tests) to combat antimicrobial resistance were announced earlier this year by the White House and the World Health Organization (WHO). By identifying a wide spectrum of antimicrobial resistance mutations, the GynecoloGene test ensures optimal stewardship of antibiotics for bacterial vaginosis and reveals alternative drugs unencumbered by resistance genes.

About American International Biotechnology, LLC (AIBioTech)

AIBioTech maintains a CLIA certified and CAP accredited clinical laboratory that provides advanced clinical genetic testing to physicians. AIBioTech is also a comprehensive contract research organization providing integrated research and development services to life science investigators in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and in several government agencies. Its services support product development from discovery to market with full regulatory support. The GynecoloGene testing division of AIBiotech explores women’s health issues, with special focus on managing bacterial vaginosis. Learn more about AIBioTech at and GynecoloGene at

David G. Bostwick MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer at American International Biotechnology

William Budd, PhD
Director of Clinical Genetic Operations and Bioinformatics at American International Biotechnology

Released October 8, 2015
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