Antimicrobial Resistance Genes and Modeling of Treatment Failure in Bacterial Vaginosis: Clinical Study of 289 Symptomatic Women


Dr. David Bostwick and the team at AIBiotech recently published the above titled paper in the Journal of Medical Microbiology. This study is the second paper to come out of work to understand the role of bacterial flora in development of bacterial vaginosis (BV). This study evaluated the presence of anti-microbial resistance genes in reproductive age women, with symptoms of BV. It is well known that BV is difficult to treat and women with this disorder have a high likelihood of infection recurrence. This work is to our knowledge, the first to use next generation sequencing to detect anti-microbial resistance genes in the vaginal flora. The study found that women with BV have four times the likelihood of having one or more markers associated with antibiotic resistance. The vast majority of women in the study with BV had at least one marker. This study highlights one reason why BV may have such a high rate of recurrence and treatment failure.