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eDox Quick Start Guide

eDox is a Final Report Document Delivery System from Granger Genetics. This guide helps you to get set up and start using eDox.

Logging Onto eDox

  1. In a Web browser, go to https://www.grangergenetics.com/edox/.
  2. Log onto eDox with your Username and Password.
Note:    Granger Genetics recommends that you use Internet Explorer when accessing eDox.

Running Reports

eDox opens in the Final Reports tab with reports from the past month displayed.
The Final Reports tab lets you see a list of all your reports.
You can change what reports are displayed on the page by searching and filtering or by doing the following:

  • Click one of the following folders at the top of the page:
    • Month 0 to 1: Displays all reports received in the last month.
    • Months 1 to 3: Displays all reports received between 1 and 3 months ago.
    • Months 3 to 6: Displays all reports received between 3 and 6 months ago.
    • Over 1 Year: Displays all reports received over 1 year ago.
    • All Reports: Displays all reports received.
    • Archived: Displays all reports that have been archived.

Note:    When a folder is selected, the folder color changes to green.

Searching and Filtering Reports

  1. In the Final Reports tab, click the Search icon.
    • The filter fields are displayed and the Search icon is renamed to Hide Search.
  2. Enter the filter criteria you wish and click the Search button. The page refreshes with the filtered case information.

Viewing a Report

  1. In the Final Reports tab, click the Case Accession number of the report you want to view.
    • The report opens in a new browser window.
    • You can print and save the report from this window.

Viewing Open Cases

The Open Cases tab displays all of your open cases. All cases that have been received by Granger Genetics, but have not been finalized, are listed on this page.
To Download Your Open Cases Into One File

  1. On the Open Cases tab, click Download Results (XLS).
    • This places the information from all your open cases into an XLS Spreadsheet.

Changing Your Password

  1. Click the Change Password tab.
  2. Type your new password and confirm.
  3. Click Reset Password.

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