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May 1st, 2019

Granger Genetics is happy to announce its new Asparaginase Panel. The panel includes both the activity and the antibody assay at the single assay cost. For the same price, clinicians will receive the added value of the antibody assay at no additional cost when the activity assay is requested. For those clinicians who only require the activity assay, that assay is also available without the additional antibody results.

The updated requisition form, along with more information, can be found on our website!


Granger Genetics offers two assays (Asparaginase Activity & anti-Asparaginase Antibody) intended
to help the clinician identify patients experiencing “silent inactivation” as well as “immunity” to asparaginase
and to ensure adequate activity is present during treatment. Both assays can be performed on a single serum
sample. Results for either test (or both) are available within one business day of sample submission. Typically,
results are released the same day the sample is received!

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